3.7 / 5

CyberDice Casino Review



CyberDice might seem rudimentary because of its simplicity, but it is one of the more unique bitcoin casinos on the web.  Without any account needed, users can wager and gamble on their own using the dice game accessible from the main page.  Their very limited game selection is a con.  However, there are several other benefits to using this website.  Some of these include bonuses, customer support, and the fact that they are growing rapidly in popularity.


Surprisingly, there are numerous benefits to this website.  One of the coolest and more different features is what they call “chat rain”.  Users who use CyberDice and want to receive more rewards can instantly gain them when they use the chat feature.  People can earn free BTC just for chatting!  They also have an affiliate, where users can earn bitcoin by sharing the website with others.  There is also a daily leaderboard and if you enter the top ten, you could earn significant rewards.  


As one might have guessed by the name, they only have one game: dice.  This is a negative for people who like to have variety, but on the whole, this has really become a popular game.  More and more people have flocked to the website because of the bonuses and the sleek design of the dice game.  Even if it is the only game that they have, they make sure to make the game sleek and accessible for everyone.

Customer Support

Customer support is also a major benefit to using this gambling site versus others.  As mentioned, they have a chat feature that users can use to contact customer support, and it is generally rather fast.  CyberDice also has a FAQ section to help even the newest player begin with enough knowledge to understand the game and the site’s rules.  Overall, they keep it simple but make sure that people have the right information and have access to the right amount of support if needed.  

Payment Methods

One drawback is the fact that they only have access to bitcoin, with no other options for deposits.  The website allows the user to sign up and connect their bitcoin wallet for easy accessibility.  In the future, they hope to include other cryptocurrencies to allow for more users.  One feature is that there are no minimums or maximums for withdrawal or deposit, leaving many people with more flexibility.  This is one of the great features of the CyberDice site.  It makes it simple for the user to have access to their funds.  


The sleek design of CyberDice is both attractive and simplistic.  This feature makes it a great game for dice lovers who want to have access to more bonuses and rewards.  With their daily promotions and their “chat rain” and other features, there are various ways to maximize earnings.  Their customer support is top-notch and despite their payment limits.  They will only continue to grow in the future to accommodate even more users and currencies, becoming even more popular.