The Metaverse and the latest news

The Metaverse and the latest news, The Metaverse and the latest news

To the Metaverse or to new rising cryptocurrencies, we are always generating new news in the world of digital finance and payments. Here are the highlights of the week:

Croatian supermarket chain now accepts cryptocurrencies

Konzun is one of the most important supermarket chains in Croatia. Recently the company officially announced the inclusion of cryptocurrencies as a payment method in its online store. Now only nine cryptocurrencies will be accepted including Bitcoin, Ether and EOS.

This decision was made sticking to the company’s commitment to innovation and new market trends. Currently these payments are limited to online shopping. However, they plan to extend it to physical stores in the future.

The Metaverse and the latest news

Chile against cryptocurrency discrimination

A new bill in favor of cryptocurrencies is circulating the Chilean nation. The “Bitcoin” project has Senator Karin Bianchi as its director, who assures that it is only the beginning of other related operations. According to his own announcement, there are great expectations about this proposal.

This new plan seeks to validate the use of cryptocurrencies in Chile, and to reduce discrimination against them. All with the aim of keeping the country up to date in terms of financial technology. The project will soon be submitted to the Chilean National Congress.

More than 58% of multinational companies use cryptocurrencies

The power of cryptocurrencies is gradually gaining ground in the world of digital finance. A recent survey showed that more than 58% of multinational companies use these digital currencies for outbound transactions.

The reason why many companies adopt this payment alternative are the countless advantages it offers. For example, they apply very low commissions and excellent transfer time. This makes cryptocurrencies on the rise to receive greater acceptance in the world of finance.

Head of Novi and Diem leaves Meta

David Marcus is responsible for leading several projects within the network now known as Meta. However, after seven years of working for this company, the executive announced his retirement.

Among his most outstanding projects is Novi, a way to make international transactions without having to pay bank fees. Marcus assures to leave in search of new financial projects, in order to continue revolutionizing payment methods worldwide.

Fear of new variant of coronavirus leaves cryptocurrencies down

Rising cryptocurrencies are at risk due to the emergence of the new variant of coronavirus in Africa. Recent days have seen sharp declines in several of the most stable digital currencies, including Bitcoin and Ether.

The news of the emergence of a new variant of coronavirus caused fear among investors and entrepreneurs around the world. This could lead to the closure of many businesses and affect the global economy again. Health experts are studying this new discovery. Roulette, Slots, Freespins and the best bonuses of the crypto casino market.