Soccer News: August 2021

Soccer News: August 2021, Soccer News: August 2021

Do you want to know what the most relevant soccer news are this week? In this article, we give you a summary of the most important news. What are you waiting to read? Here it is Soccer News: August 2021

Odegaard to leave for Arsenal

Martin Odegaard is in his last days as a member of the Real Madrid squad. Several sources have revealed a transfer agreement between the Spanish club and Arsenal. This news comes to confirm many recent rumors about his possible departure.

Arsenal’s interest in keeping the Norwegian player is not new. In fact, the team was negotiating throughout the summer for his acquisition. He was not the only one with that plan, but his offer has ended up giving him the win. A total of 50 million euros is what the club has paid for his signing.

Of course, for some there is still a bit of uncertainty about whether the transfer will finally be made or not. Although there are other details that come to confirm the news already published. One of them is that Odegaard has not been officially registered in LaLiga.

The above already seems to clear any doubts. However, added to that Odegaard has not attended the last training sessions. The player’s absence is an unmistakable sign of his departure. Nevertheless, the transfer is expected to be officially communicated to the fans soon.

Lukaku returns to Chelsea as a more complete player

Romelu Lukaku claims that he currently feels like a more complete player than before. Specifically, he refers to the period when he left the Premier League for Italy. There he played for Inter Milan for almost a decade. Now he returns to Chelsea, where he made his debut in 2011.

Lukaku’s statement is supported, he says, by his own experience. In recent years he has worked on all the skills a good striker needs. At the same time he has acquired a lot of training as a leader, as he has had the role of captain on a few occasions.

In that sense, Lukaku is sure that he will be a great support for Chelsea and for his squad. The footballer assures that he is ready to give his teammates all the support they need. At the same time he emphasized that he will be able to play alone in his striker position or accompanied without any difficulty.

The Belgian’s return to the club where he grew up is one of the most unexpected and significant signings of the year. With his presence, Thomas Tuchel, current coach of the team, intends to have a leader at the head of the team. For his part, Lukaku is committed to following his instructions.

Soccer News: August 2021

Tottenham decides to register Harry Kane in the Conference League

Against all odds of letting Harry Kane go, Tottenham have registered him in the Conference League. This move has caused bewilderment in the media, as there has been speculation in recent times about his departure. Several rumors pointed to him leaving directly to Manchester City.

City have made clear on more than one occasion their desire to integrate Kane into their squad. It is for this reason that they have offered a lot now that the transfer window has opened. However, the club has not been able to realize its goal. Tottenham seem to be getting more and more determined to keep hold of the player.

The Conference League is a very recent competition event. In fact, this will be the first time it has been contested. Tottenham chose 25 players to send to the knockout stage of the tournament. Among them, in addition to Kane himself, are Bryan Gil and Serio Reguilón.

This turnaround has given encouragement to the club’s supporters. Not only because Kane will remain at Tottenham, but because it means that he is now safe from COVID-19. In the last game he was unable to take part, as he was isolated for precautionary reasons. All of this undoubtedly boosts the value of the team as a good target to bet on in subsequent matches.

Manu Sánchez goes back on loan to Osasuna

It has been announced that Manu Sanchez will return to Osasuna once again. The Atletico Madrid player already performed well on loan last season. Many of his plays were key to victory in several games, earning him the approval of the fans.

This new loan has an explanation behind it. It so happens that at Atletico there are already other players who occupy the left-back position, belonging to Sanchez. Among them are Saúl Ñíguez and Renan Lodi. In these circumstances, the club could not take advantage of his services, leaving him on the bench.

Therefore, the return to Osasuna gives Sanchez a chance to play and continue polishing his skills. The contract signed by Atletico establishes that the player is transferred until June 30 next year. It also states in the clauses that the option to buy is not open.

The agreement does not mention if there is a possibility of renewing the loan. For the moment, it is expected that the player will be officially presented by Braulio Vázquez, the sporting director of the club. Sanchez will thus reinforce the squad under Jagoba Arrasate.

Soccer News: August 2021

Memphis at Barcelona: A second chance for success

Memphis Depay has arrived at Barcelona after a few attempts to sign him. On previous occasions the club’s crisis prevented them from adding him to their squad. But finally he has joined the azulgrana team, and has offered an excellent debut against Real Sociedad.

For Memphis his arrival represents a second chance. In 2015, at just 21 years old, he was acquired by Manchester United. Unfortunately, he was not successful there, and ended up being transferred to Lyon in 2017.

In Lyon the striker was standing out a little more. Enough for Ronald Koeman to take notice of him. This is how his presence at Barça is now an incomparable opportunity to show how much he is worth.

Cristiano Ronaldo seeks to leave Juventus

According to the latest news, Cristiano Ronaldo is planning to leave Juventus. The Portuguese footballer has declared that he does not feel comfortable within the team, so he wants to change teams as soon as possible. To that end, he is counting on Jorge Mendes, his agent.

So far two strong names have sounded to keep the star. One of them is Real Madrid itself. Apparently, the team would be interested in getting Cristiano back. Or so it was thought, because recently Carlo Ancelotti himself denied the idea. Although the coach admires him, he assures that the team wants to look to the future.

The other strong name is Manchester City. Mendes himself is in negotiations with this club, which is already trying to keep Harry Kane. However, as the operation presents a huge difficulty to materialize it would be possible that they would change their target.

Regardless of the offers, there is no doubt that Cristiano wants to leave Juventus. That is why he himself has asked the team to allow him to leave. For its part the club would benefit from his departure, given that the player’s current salary is 65 million. With that figure they could get a good star to replace him.

Final round to qualify for the Champions League begins

After the knockout period, the final round of Champions League qualification has finally arrived. For more than a month the teams, 51 in total, have been battling it out to qualify for the championship. Now they have the official date for the matches: August 24 and 25.

Among all the matches there are two that are the bookmakers’ favorites. The first is Monaco-Shaktar. The French side has been out of the European championships for two seasons in a row now. The Ukrainian club, on the other hand, has already been in the Champions League four times. That is why they are considered the most likely to win.

The other match of interest is Benfica-PSV. Benfica failed to reach the Champions League last season. Meanwhile, their opponents are coming off the back of defeating the likes of Galatasaray. Consequently, PSV have a better chance of winning the game.

Of course, Benfica will not be the only one looking to take advantage of the opportunity. Dinamo Zagreb and Salzburg are two of the other clubs who want to face the best teams in Europe. The winners will enjoy a special Champions League, as this will be the 30th time it has taken place.

Soccer News: August 2021

PSG refuses to let go of Mbappé

PSG are reluctant to let Mbappé leave the squad. The player himself has already confessed his desire to leave. In 2022, his contract will formally expire, but he does not want to wait until then. On the contrary, he intends to convince the club to allow him to leave.

In this situation, there is another team involved, Real Madrid. Some sources claim that the Spanish side is extremely interested in being able to sign Mbappé. Thus, it has an offer of up to 150 million euros for his transfer. Unfortunately, PSG have not accepted the proposal.

For PSG, it is essential that Mbappé continues to play for them. It is for that reason that they are coordinating everything to motivate him to renew his contract. Despite the player’s refusal, the club still hopes to keep him. Therefore, it will not accept any offer, neither from Real Madrid nor from any other team.

Faced with such a stance, Real Madrid has no choice but to wait for Mbappé to convince PSG. The latter in turn has scored points for its best move to date: keeping Messi. With the Argentine playing alongside Mbappé and Neymar, PSG has every chance of succeeding in the Champions League. It is thus a safe bet option.

Juventus have two new signings

The transfer window will end in two weeks. Juventus are mindful of this, and have not wasted the opportunity to add two signings to their squad. This move counteracts in a positive way the rumors about Cristiano Ronaldo’s problems at the club.

In the first instance they have acquired Manuel Locatelli. To acquire him Juventus had to negotiate for weeks. In the end they got Arsenal to sign a contract in which he offers a two-year loan. All in exchange for 35 million euros. At the end of the term, Juventus will have the compulsory purchase option.

The remaining signing is Kaio Jorge. This player comes from Santos. He is obviously a great promise at the age of 19, scoring 8 goals in 28 games. Juventus has acquired him for 1.5 million, a figure that is far from the value of the player. The deal adds him to the squad until at least 2026. 

The primary difference between the two signings is the official presentation of the players. Kaio Jorge has already been formalized as a member of the club. Locatelli will have to wait a bit longer. In any case, however, these new additions strengthen Juventus in the face of Cristiano’s possible absence.

Soccer News: August 2021

Messi could make his debut on August 29 with PSG

Everything seems to indicate that Messi’s official debut with his new club, PSG, could happen on August 29. On that day, the team will play the fourth matchday of Ligue 1 at Reims. Although Pochettino, the current coach, is cautious.

In a short time Messi has managed to adapt to PSG. Not only has he been training constantly: he has also been interacting with his teammates, especially Neymar. For Pochettino, however, the Argentine is not at his best.

Until he has reached the performance Pochettino expects, Messi will have to wait. It is therefore not entirely certain that he will appear. However, whenever he does, it will represent a historic moment in the career of the former Barcelona star.

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