Rugby union betting and odds in 2022

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Available betting markets?

Rugby union is a popular sport in which to put bets, and there are various markets on which to do so. Here are a few:

  • Match Betting
    • You can place a bet on who you believe will come out on top in the game. In Rugby Union, there will always be the option of a draw, although it is extremely unusual that this will actually happen. 
  • Handicap Betting
    • The practise of handicap betting in rugby union is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to just placing bets on the match. To predict the outcome of a Rugby Union match, a handicap line is used. This line assigns one of the teams a handicap (either plus or minus points) based on how much better they believe they are than their opponents. Because of the handicap, the odds are much higher even when it is not in use, according to the theory underlying it.
  • Try scorer Bets
    • A wager can be placed on a player to score a try during the match, whether it is the first, last, or any other point in the game. Having an underdog as a side bet is very popular, especially if you’re watching the game in question yourself.
  • Rugby Union Betting 
    • The bookmakers on offer in-play betting on all of the wagers listed above, with the odds changing in real time as the match unfolds. In-play betting is available on all of the wagers listed above. Another popular in-running wager is on the way by which the next points will be scored, such as whether they will come from a try, penalty, or drop goal.
Rugby union, Rugby union betting and odds in 2022
Rugby union betting and odds

Events to bet on?

  • Six Nations
    • In addition to a large number of international Test matches taking place throughout the season, there are few sporting events that are more popular for betting than the Six Nations tournament in the spring. It is held every year between the months of February and March and involves the countries of England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Wales. It is the largest international sporting event in the world.
  • World Cup
    • It is held every four years, with the next tournament slated for 2023.
  • British and Irish Lions
    • Besides the Six Nations and World Cup, the British and Irish Lions, a team comprised of the best rugby players from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, is a source of excitement in the sport. 
  • Tri Nations/Rugby Championship
    • The Rugby Championship, as it is officially known, is a biannual competition between New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, and Argentina that is played in a round-robin format between the four nations. The Rugby Championship is a summer-long competition between the four nations that takes place during the summer months.
Rugby union
Rugby union betting and odds

Favourite to win the 6 Nations?

With England, Ireland, and Wales regularly battling for first place in the Six Nations betting odds, the Six Nations is a fiercely competitive competition. French rugby hasn’t won the Six Nations since 2010, while Scotland hasn’t won the tournament since 1999, according to the most recent data available. As a result, Italy has never won the Six Nations tournament and has only ever won 12 matches during the tournament’s 30-year existence.

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