Recharge your electric car with Bitcoin!

It will now be possible to recharge electric cars with Bitcoin, Recharge your electric car with Bitcoin!

It is undeniable that electric cars are here to stay in Europe. Well, after their immeasurable success, excellent news has arrived for drivers who handle Bitcoin. And it is that from November they will be able to pay with this cryptocurrency the recharges of their cars. It will now be possible to recharge electric cars with Bitcoin.

The companies responsible for Bitcoin payment

The possibility of carrying out recharges using Bitcoin is due to two payment companies. The first is Hips, whose headquarters is in Ireland, and the other is Vourity, which is located in Sweden.

Both brands reported on their partnership plan to provide 50,000 stations with points of sale. The same would have cryptocurrencies included as a method to cancel payments. Throughout the entire European Union it is estimated that the project will be implemented for three years

It is worth noting that charging points have already increased considerably across the Union. In 2020, a total of 250,000 were counted compared to 34,000 in 2014.

Electric car and other cryptocurrencies

Now, the companies have talked about accepting Bitcoin for top-ups, but the companies denied the possibility of other cryptoassets being used. In fact, the points of sale are not set up exclusively for bitcoins.

In addition, the Hips Company stated its intention to enable payments with its official token, the Merchant Token. Although the Merchant Token is in the initial offering phase. It was also built on the brand’s native blockchain.

The benefits of this payment method

By accepting cryptocurrencies it will be facilitating the recharge process for drivers. The CEO of Hips, John Cavebring, expressed this. He also pointed out that this step will boost the status of electric cars.

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It will now be possible to recharge electric cars with Bitcoin