Play Poker With Cryptocurrency On These Five Sites

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Cryptocurrencies have been on the rise for a while now, especially since the bull run that started in 2020 and has been ongoing since, and with this rise there has also been an increase in the adoption of the technology in various industries. One of the primary areas of adoption for crypto has been the gambling industry where several factors such as privacy, security, ease of access, and speed have made crypto an ideal mode of operation. As of now, users have access to many different sites for playing crypto gambling games, with ever increasing bonuses and prize pools on each of them in order to attract users. If you feel confused looking at all of these sites, fret no more as we’ve prepared a list of the five best sites for you to play poker on!

Play Poker With Cryptocurrency, Play Poker With Cryptocurrency On These Five Sites
Play Poker With Cryptocurrency On These Five Sites


Compared to the competition, BetOnline has one of the highest betting limits in comparison to its competition, along with a large selection of games to choose from that include poker alongside sports betting, a casino, and even esports. This is also coupled with the generous bonuses offered by the site throughout the year to its users, for example, the 50% welcome bonus for new users that goes all the way up to $1000. The site accepts BTC, ETH, and LTC.

Black Chip Poker

This is another of the greats when it comes to playing poker with Bitcoin, offering a general 100% bonus of up to $2000 for users’ first deposit! Along with BTC, it also offers other deposit options and has what it calls the Player Protection program, which ensures fair matchups are maintained on its site to prevent any strong players matching against weaker ones.


Unlike the previous two sites which do not offer much anonymity and are not particularly decentralized, CoinPoker is entirely made on the blockchain which means it has the highest level of security and privacy possible. With several different bonuses depending on what users choose, CoinPoker is ideal for people that need to maintain anonymity and fairness while playing.

Jazz Sports

Jazz Sports offers a bonus system which matches 3 of your first deposits up to $100 each, while offering much of the same anonymity features of CoinPoker. While it is not blockchain based, it does not require any KYC, which allows it to protect its users from unwanted attention from outsiders. However, there does appear to be a lack of substantial reviews for the site so users must be wary when playing here.


Saving the best for last, GGpoker is one of the biggest names in the crypto poker scene and offer some of the best bonuses and features on any site, period. The general bonus on the site includes either $100 worth of cash and tickets or an up to $600 bonus that is matched 100% by the site. The only con we were able to find is that it requires user verification for withdrawals, making it not very anonymous, but we believe their excellent reputation more than makes up for it.

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