Miami Heat wins over Boston Celtics

Miami Heat wins over Boston Celtics, Miami Heat wins over Boston Celtics

Miami Heat have managed to win over Boston Celtics in their last meeting. The team showed absolute control for most of the game. Miami Heat wins over Boston Celtics and thanks to this result they have improved their record.

Superiority from the start

Miami Heat‘s dominance in the match took place right from the first minutes. Their players were far ahead of the Boston Celtics. Thus, by halftime of the first half, they already had a difference of +26.

A close finish

Of course, the Boston Celtics were not content to let themselves be beaten so easily. Little by little they gained strength after coming back from the break. Thus the situation changed for them during the final stage.

At that point the score for both teams was a little more even than in the first half. So the remaining minutes were more challenging for the Miami Heat. However, despite all the great effort by the Celtics the score was 130-124, in favor of the Heats.

Miami Heat wins over Boston Celtics

Improved record for the Heats

Miami Heat now has an improved record. After the game against the Celtics it has risen to 37-31. As a result, the team has moved directly into fifth place in the East, tied with Atlanta.

In addition, the Miami Heat are a half-game out of a matchup against the Knicks. This possibility is a very useful opportunity, since it could mean a clear advantage in the Playoffs later on. Specifically in the first round.

In contrast, Boston Celtics have finished very much resentful on the record. The result of the matchup leaves the team at 35-33. In turn, this means being only two games back against Miami and Atlanta. They will have to face them to make it out of the Play-In. If you wish to bet on these games check here our list of Sportsbooks and online casinos.