No No! Kristaps Porzingis is sanctioned by the NBA

Kristaps Porzingis, No No! Kristaps Porzingis is sanctioned by the NBA

Kristaps Porzingis has been fined $50,000 by the NBA. The sanction comes after the player violated health protocols imposed by the institution against the coronavirus.

The infraction

Kristaps Porzingis committed the infraction last Sunday during his last games. Precisely that day he attended a club. Apart from the individual freedom that players have, there is a rule in this regard in the NBA.

This rule forbids players from attending clubs, bars, etc. The intention behind this rule is to protect them against COVID-19. Porzingis will have to pay the fine and luckily he will not miss any games.

Medical diagnosis

After the event Kristaps Porzingis underwent a medical examination. According to experts, the player does not represent in any way a source of contagion. Consequently; it is unnecessary for him to serve a quarantine.

Porzingis’ good fortune is primarily due to the fact that he was not with the club for a long time. But the athlete has already been vaccinated, so he was already protected beforehand.

Acceptance of the mistake

Even knowing that he was protected against the coronavirus, Porzingis has been aware of his mistake. The player has confessed that he was not completely clear about what the protocol stated.

The uncertainty played a role in his decision to go to the club, Porzingis did not seek to make excuses. Needless to say; He agreed to answer the fine for his mistake.

Similarity of cases

Some experts have pointed out that Kristaps Porzingis’ case is not isolated. Something similar happened with LeBron James, who attended a promotional event organized by a tequila brand. Finally; the Lakers star also escaped a severe penalty.

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