Is 2022 Tom Brady’s last year in the NFL?

Tom Brady, Is 2022 Tom Brady’s last year in the NFL?

Years go by and Tom Brady remains in the NFL. However, at some point the 44-year-old quarterback will have to walk away from football, will 2022 be the right year for “TB12” to say goodbye to the league?

How long will be too much for one of the most famous quarterbacks to keep playing at a high level in one of the most demanding sports?

Will he still be in the NFL in 2022?

The short answer is yes”. To understand the possible end of Brady’s career, there are two factors to consider: the quarterback’s wishes and the length of his contract with the Buccaneers.

Why would Tom Brady retire?

Even before his relationship with the Patriots expired, Tom Brady had a clear intention: to play until age 45. Born in 1977, next August the Michigan graduate will reach his goal. This is the reason why many people have started to think if he will retire or not.

Plus, the terms of his deal cut him off from the Buccaneers after next season. In 2020, Brady signed a two-year, $50 million deal. After winning the Super Bowl, he earned a one-year, $25 million extension linking him to Tampa Bay through 2022.

If Brady has expressly stated that the following season could be his last, why is it speculated that the quarterback could extend his career beyond the next NFL schedule? He is one of the living legends and people want to see, what would be the last steps in the remarkable career of the quarterback.

The answer is Brady himself. Before winning the seventh Super Bowl of his career, the quarterback assured that he could stay in the league for a few more years. “Yes, I would definitely consider it,” he explained at a press conference.

Things went further when Tampa Bay general manager Jason Licht asserted that Brady could play six extra seasons. “I told him that if he wants to play until he is 50, and he still feels that he can play, then he can play until he is 50,” he pointed out.

However, Licht’s taste did not last long. In June of this year, Brady stressed that his goal is 45 years old and he’ll unlikely prolong his career much longer. “Fifty? It’s a long time. Even for me, it’s a long time. I’ve always said that 45 is the age I want to reach,” he said.

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