How to deposit on in 2022

Deposit on, How to deposit on in 2022

In order to make a deposit on, you have to follow these simple steps:

Step 1

The first step is to click on the “Deposit” button that is in the upper right corner. Remember that you can only deposit when you have an account created on the platform.

Deposit on, How to deposit on in 2022

Step 2

Next, a tab will appear that will allow you to deposit in different ways, choose the amount you want to deposit and then choose a payment method.

Deposit on, How to deposit on in 2022

Step 3

After you have chosen the desired amount, you will have to accept the payment policy and KYC rules. Then you will click on “Continue”.

Deposit on, How to deposit on in 2022

Step 4

Next you will have to fill in the bank information. The information required will change depending on the method you choose. For example, this is the tab that will appear if you choose the Visa payment method:

Deposit on

Payment Options

True Flip Casino accepts a variety of cash and cryptocurrency currencies. For payment convenience, the casino has formed connections with a number of brokers. ShapeShift, Paybis, Cryptopay, Cubits, and IQ Options are among these brokers. The website also allows users to convert currencies and top up their accounts. The following currencies are accepted at True Flip Casino: l EUR l USD l Bitcoin l Bitcoin Cash l Dash l Litecoin l Dogecoin l Ethereum True Flip also accepts a variety of payment ways and protects user data using SSL encryption technology.

Options for Banking

These are the banking and crypto options that you can have in TrueFlip casino:

Methods and limits of withdrawal

To make a withdrawal, head to the Dashboard’s Refill section and select the currency you’d want to withdraw in. You must click the withdrawal button next to the complete-the-withdrawal option. True Flip makes it easy for consumers to withdraw money without any trouble or additional costs. In the case of a withdrawal in TFL, however, each withdrawal is subject to a charge of 1TFL. BTC, EUR, and TFL withdrawals are all accessible. The minimum withdrawal is ten euros (or the equivalent in other currencies). Withdrawals in bitcoin take one day, however withdrawals in fiat currency take much longer.

Speed of payouts

One of the benefits of TrueFlip is that the casino’s service providers deliver speedy payments. The powerful blockchain technology that conducts the speedy processing of payments ensures the high speed of payouts. Blockchain technology is decentralized, which means it does not rely on central banks or government agencies to conduct payments and transactions. Instead, blockchain uses peer-to-peer technology to handle payouts, which is quick, efficient, and cost-effective. As a result, the casino’s payment pace is extremely fast. Bonuses and Promotions

For the sake of their clients’ satisfaction, this website offers a range of perks and promotions. The following are some of the current promotions:

  • A welcome bonus of 150% on your first deposit
  • A second wind bonus of 50% on your second deposit
  • A lucky three Bonus of 75% of your third deposit.

You may also obtain unique prizes and awards by participating in special games such as exclusive tournaments, missions, and races on specialized games.

It does not yet have a VIP club, although there is reason to assume that one is in the works. On their promotions page, they hint to a loyalty scheme.

Deposit on, How to deposit on in 2022