How to deposit on BitDice

, How to deposit on BitDice

We are going to show you how to deposit on follow this simple steps to get you winning.

When you have already created an account on the platform, now is the time to make your first deposit. Keep in mind that to make deposits, it is mandatory that you have created an account.

Step 1

First of all, on the home screen, you will see several options so you can make your first deposit. Your first option is to click the gray “Deposit Now” button that appears on the first screen. You can also click the purple “Wallet” button that appears at the top of your screen.

, How to deposit on BitDice

Step 2

When you have clicked on any of these options, a tab will appear where you can make your deposits with Bitcoin. You can also change the type of currency with which you want to make the deposit by clicking on the option that appears at the top of the tab.

Step 3

Here it will ask you to click on the gray box. When you click, it will create your personal deposit address. With this address you can make deposits in your account, in addition, you can also use the QR code that will show you in the image.

 Step 4

Now, you just have to open your bitcoin wallet account and transfer the amount you want to have in your account using the personal deposit address or the QR.

Deposit on Bitdice: What are the Payment methods?

BitDice accepts a number of well-known crypto-currencies. Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are some of the currencies that may be used to play games at BitDice.

On the site, there is also an easy-to-use online exchange facility for trading supported coins. There are also plans to accept bank cards.

Users could use any of the supported coins to make a deposit and play any game on BitDice.

BitDice pays out within a few days. It doesn’t matter how big the payments are.

A user won 500+ BTC in 2015 and was paid within hours, while several people won 100-300BTC in 2016 and were paid within hours too. In 2017, a gambler won 300BTC, which was another significant victory.

On this Bitcoin casino, deposits are almost instantaneous. Small payouts of less than 50BTC are processed promptly, requiring just one confirmation before the money is released for BTC, LTC, and DOGE deposits. ETH deposits, on the other hand, require five confirmations before funds are released.


You’ll be asked to enter the amount you want to withdraw as well as your wallet address when you choose Cashout. Each transaction costs 0.0002 BTC to withdraw (or the equivalent in other cryptocurrencies). 0.001 BTC, 1000 DOGE, 0.1 LTC, and 0.1 ETH are the minimum withdrawal amounts.

For security purposes, funds are held in both a hot and cold wallet. Withdrawals are made from the hot wallet, but if it is full at the time of your request, cash will be sent from the cold wallet, which could take a few hours to a few days.

BitDice Token

The BitDice coin is the native token of this crypto casino (CSNO). These tokens cannot be purchased; they must be earned through the Bet Back and Loss Back bonus system. You can swap them for BTC once you’ve acquired enough (however you cannot trade BTC for tokens). 1 BTC is equal to 1000 BetDice Tokens, and 1 BetDice Token is equal to 0.001 BTC, or 1 mBTC.

Investment Opportunity

The user at BitDice Casino has a one-of-a-kind opportunity to invest in their money. Users can pick how they invest with the xKelly system. What’s more, once the games are released, investment possibilities are available for all of them. The only casino that accepts investments is BitDice.