How to create an account on Bitdice

, How to create an account on Bitdice

When you enter the platform, you can start testing the games with the trial money that the platform gives you. You can play the games without registration, but to deposit and win real money, you need to create an account.

Now we will show you how to create an account on

Step 1

When you enter the platform you can find the button to register in the upper right corner. You will be able to find this button easily as it is constantly shooting a pulse of light, and it will say “Sign Up”.

Step 2

When you have clicked on any of these options, a tab will appear where you can make your deposits with Bitcoin. You can also change the type of currency with which you want to make the deposit by clicking on the option that appears at the top of the tab.

Step 3

When you fill in all the information, you can continue with the process by clicking on the “Let’s Bet!” button. Keep in mind that you have to agree to the “Terms of Service” of the platform.

, How to create an account on Bitdice

Step 4

To finish the process of creating your account, will send you a confirmation link to your email so that you can confirm that this is your email. Click the link and your email will be verified!

, How to create an account on Bitdice

Step 5

Now you can enjoy all the benefits and bonuses that has for you!


Despite the fact that the platform does not rely largely on traditional welcome/sign-up bonuses, it does provide a variety of features that can significantly alter the outcome of a wager. There are several incentives available, these are some of them:

Loss Back

Loss Back is a bonus mechanism that gives the player a percentage of their losses back. The percentage increases as the player progress through the levels, and it is credited to the player in BitDice Tokens.

Bet Back

Bet back is a bonus system in which the player receives a percentage of their bet as a bonus. The percentage increases as the player progress through the levels, and it is credited to the player in BitDice Tokens.

Daily Treasure Chest

BitDice users can claim a Daily Chest once each day as a loyalty award. The payout is an undetermined number of BitDice Tokens, which is determined by the user’s level. The greater the level, the greater the payout.


BitDice Casino employs a progressive JackPot system, in which 1% of the House Edge is added to a JackPot pool that grows with each bet placed on the website.

BitDice also has a unique Rain system that allows players to tip one another.

Furthermore, if users bet higher-than-required wages by accident, the platform does not ban or nullify their balance. While playing, the user just earns Rakeback.

Desktop and Mobile

If you want to use BitDice on your PC or mobile phone, you don’t have to worry about having fewer or more features in one program because BitDice works the same on both platforms and gives the same performance. So you will not have any problems with your account.

Trust and Security

BitDice claims to have the best security available. The platform is so sure of its security that it is sponsoring a BitcoinTalk discussion event. They’ve exposed an account’s username and password and challenged the community to steal one Bitcoin from it. Nobody has been able to independently verify their security claims.

2FA authentication, IP whitelisting, email confirmation for withdrawals (with 2FA), address locks, and monies saved in a Trezor cold wallet are among the platform’s security features.