How Can You Use Cryptocurrency to Gamble Online

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Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain technology, all of these often sound like buzzwords to the average person for whom it’s actually pretty difficult to understand the tech’s inner workings. Apart from just a deep understanding of these currencies, it can also be complicated trying to just use them for stuff as simple as wallet-to-wallet transfer, given all the nuances and risks involved in the process. One of the things you might be looking to do with your crypto is gambling, and for that case, we have the perfect guide to help you through the procedure!

Cryptocurrency to Gamble Online: some quick tips

Get a Crypto Wallet

Opening a crypto wallet is fairly straightforward and there are several choices to choose from. Our recommendations for software wallets are Exodus, Gemini, Phantom, and ZenGo, although there are many more that you can also look into. Make sure to note down your private keys and keep them as secure as possible, as they will be used to get your wallet back should you lose it.

Buy Your Choice of Currency

In order to buy cryptocurrency, the most popular option is through a Crypto exchange such as Coinbase, Binance, or, where you can use fiat to purchase coins and then transfer them to your personal wallet. Note that there will be some transaction fees involved depending on the cryptocurrency, though it shouldn’t be anything too absurd.

Pick Which Site You’ll Play On

With a plethora of casinos and sites to choose from, this decision can also get fairly complicated. In our experience, mBit Casino, Bitstarz, and 22Bet are some of the best, most reputed options available internationally. Given their extensive game choice and generous bonus options, you can’t really go wrong with any of them. To get the best match for you, it would also be ideal to explore more options and see which one suits your needs best.

Use Fiat to Make a Deposit

If the Crypto exchange route is not what you’re interested in going through, a lot of casinos and sites also offer fiat deposit options through which you can buy the cryptocurrency straight from their site. In this case, make sure you have your wallet ready for the deposit as well as any withdrawals that you might make once you start playing and winning.

Pick Which Game You’ll Play

The gameplay itself on all of these sites and casinos should be more or less identical to what you would find at a fiat currency casino. Therefore, the most important thing to consider here will be the types and variety of games offered by each site, from which you can find the one you typically do well in and get started with your table and stake level.

Crypto Value Compared to Fiat

Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum are far off from the typical USD value you might be used to, so make sure to get accustomed to the fractional values of each when you’re making your bets in order to not end up getting much higher than you were intending.

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