Dominic Thiem will not be in Tokyo 2021

Dominic Thiem, Dominic Thiem will not be in Tokyo 2021

Dominic Thiem has made it known that he will not participate in the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games. According to his own statements, the reason behind this absence is that he does not feel at his maximum capacity.

The official publication

The news was published by Dominic Thiem on his Twitter. In it he addressed his followers and told them that he had something sad to comment. He went on to explain that he had chosen not to attend Tokyo, a decision he described as difficult.

In addition to the above, Thiem said he was aware of the honor it means to represent his country at the Olympic Games. Precisely for that reason he does not want to risk letting anyone down. After all, his performance this year has not been what he would have liked.

Thiem’s commitment

Although 2021 has not been so good for Dominic Thiem, he is not ready to give up. Quite the contrary, he is determined to regain his top level no matter how hard he has to work.

In that sense, he affirmed that his physical condition has progressively improved. At the same time, he has managed to work on his concentration. Although it is still not enough, he is confident that his abilities will be back to what they have always been.

The tennis player’s future plans

Beyond the absence in Tokyo, Dominic Thiem has other plans for the future. If his current training sessions go well, he will defend his title at the US Open.

On the other hand, he also does not rule out the possibility of going to the next Olympic Games. The next event would be in 2024, in Paris. There are three years away, but Thiem has no doubts that he can go.

To a large extent his confidence is due to the fact that he knows he is a young tennis player. Although for now he hopes to be able to overcome the bad streak he has suffered lately.

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