CyberDice – Why Users Should Pay Attention to it

CyberDice, CyberDice – Why Users Should Pay Attention to it

CyberDice is one of the newest casinos that opened up to the public in 2018. While they only offer dice games to their users, there are many reasons that people should be excited about it. Not only are they owned by one of the oldest bitcoin casino companies in existence, added to several features that users can get excited about. Here are some of the reasons users should check out CyberDice.

Secure and Encrypted Service

Anyone who comes to the site can expect to have a safe and secure experience. This is one of the many benefits of being owned by one of the oldest bitcoin casino companies, Blockchain Entertainment B.V. They also operate OneHash, which is known for their accessibility and their user-friendly features. Users can trust that their game is secure whenever they play around on CyberDice and will never be tampered with. When it comes to gambling, this is one of the most significant factors that users look for in a bitcoin casino. 

Many Ways to Earn BTC

This is one of the coolest features of their website and likely keeps many users coming back. There are so many ways to earn bitcoin cash to use on the site. One of the easiest ways is called Chat rain, where the user can earn free BTC by engaging in the chat. People can also choose to become an affiliate of the site and share the site with their friends. For every referral, they earn free BTC or rolls. The Faucet is another feature to get users to try their game for free by offering them freerolls. People can claim this up to thirty times per day! With so many ways to earn BTC and rolls to play, there is little reason any user would be upset with CyberDice

Waiting for Withdrawals

One drawback to the site is the long withdrawal times. This can be a deal-breaker for many users. At times, users have reported that it takes up to forty-five minutes to cash out on their winnings finally. But, there is a significant bonus that users cheer about: no withdrawal fees. No matter the winnings, there is never a withdrawal fee for the user, meaning that what you win is what you keep. This is good news for CyberDice users worldwide because it keeps the games and the winnings fair for all involved. Provability is one of the essential parts of online casino games, and CyberDice has ensured this is part of their customer experience.

CyberDice might be just a site that houses a simple dice game, but they are backed by one of the most successful companies in the industry. With their modern and professional design and the plethora of features for their users, people can trust and find pleasure in playing the dice games available on the site. Even as a younger site than most, it is clear that CyberDice can become increasingly popular. They will continue to attract more and more users, new and experienced, in the future.