Coinbase is now on Google Pay and Apple Pay

Coinbase, Coinbase is now on Google Pay and Apple Pay

Coinbase has officially arrived to Google Pay and Apple Pay. From now on it will be possible to use this exchange to pay with cryptocurrencies from your phone. All anchored to your credit card system.

The operating system

To make this new feature possible, Coinbase has decided to start from its Coinbase Card. By affiliating it to Google Pay and Apple Pay, it is possible to use it from any of them. That is, it will be possible to pay without physically needing the card.

In that sense, anyone with a cell phone or smartwatch will be able to take advantage of this new function for cryptocurrency payments. The only condition required for this is that they contain the NFC function.

The expansion of this technology

The new payment method with Coinbase is currently being rolled out in the United States. There it is undergoing its first test phase, in order to correct any possible flaws.

However, it is estimated with complete certainty that this method of cryptocurrency payment will expand soon. Everything depends on the results of the phase. In any case, the technology will be enabled in every country where the Coinbase Card is enabled.

Ease of application

All users who want to take advantage of the novelty will need nothing more than to apply for the Coinbase Card. This process takes a little time, but it is known to be very secure.

As soon as the approval is submitted, the person will be able to add the card to the app on their device. That means that you will not have to have received it to start using the feature.

Coinbase’s promotion

In order to promote its new mode, Coinbase has made a cashback promotion available to the public. When paying with it you will be able to receive 1% back in Bitcoin.

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