Chris Paul seeks one last multi-year contract

Chris Paul, Chris Paul seeks one last multi-year contract

Suns star Chris Paul is determined to get one last multi-year contract. The player is hesitant to accept the current offer for next season, and plans to opt for a larger one.

Next season’s offer

Chris Paul has currently been given the option to remain with the Suns for the 2021-2022 season. The offer after this proposition is $44.2 million.

Despite the figure, ideal for his star status, accepting it would mean being out of contract after the conclusion of the next season. That is why several sources close to Paul say he plans to reject it.

The quest for the multi-year contract

What Chris Paul is aiming for is the last multi-year contract of his career. Or at least it could be, considering his age. The player’s offer would be for three more years on the Suns roster.

In exchange for that time, the contract amount would go up to 100 million. The figure would be more than double the current offer. It is an amount the Suns could shell out, but it is unknown what their plans are for the future.

The age problem

Age has always been a problematic factor for athletes when it comes to continuing their careers. Many clubs take it into account before any performance or performance figures.

Chris Paul is currently 36 years old. That’s a pretty advanced figure. However, his ability has not diminished. The best example of that came in 2020, when he helped send the Thunder to the Playoffs.

It is clear that he is still a top point guard in the NBA. In any case, we will have to wait for the player acquisition market to start at the end of the season.

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