BlackRock is Launching Yet Another Crypto Exchange-Traded Fund

Well-renowned exchange-traded fund (ETF) issuer,BlackRock, is spreading its grasp into cryptocurrencies by filing new metaverse products months after establishing a digital-assets fund that has not lived up to expectations in terms of attracting investors. BlackRock focuses on monitoring firms that understand the metaverse through Communications ETF and iShares Future Metaverse Tech. The fund for which a ticker and fees remained unlisted may entail organizations dealing in products or services that work with virtual platforms, digital assets, social media, and augmented reality. 

The parent organization has been making strides in the digital assets space since it launched its tech fund and blockchain in April, which recorded inflows of up to US$6 million. The company recently signed an agreement with crypto exchange platform Coinbase Global. This was meant to ease how institutional investors manage and trade Bitcoin creating ripples in the crypto market. Interest in the digital market ecosystem has significantly reduced in 2022 since prices for various crypto tokens have plunged. 

Funds Will be Meant for Companies that Deal Crypto and Blockchain Technologies

According to the company’s website, the fund will be meant for investors seeking exposure to various organizations involved in the innovation, utilization, and development of crypto technologies and blockchain. The index tracker contains 35 global entities from emerging and developed markets. Most of the companies included are primarily involved in blockchain-related activities like crypto exchanges and miners. The remaining organizations deal in activities that support the blockchain industry, like payment and semiconductor entities. 

The Value of Most Cryptocurrencies Have Dropped But There is Still Increased Competition

This is despite the declining interest in digital assets due to the plunge in the prices of all crypto tokens in the course of 2022. Bitcoin, the strongest by market value, reduced by more than 60% in value in 2022, and Ether suffered the same fate. Google searches on cryptocurrencies have decreased due to the crypto winter. 

According to Todd Sohn, an ETF strategist at Strategas Securities, one can tell that interest in blockchain funds has dropped. Even though he understands the reason, there is increased competition in the cryptocurrency space. 

BlackRock’s metaverse ETF would not be the first since various funds are currently trading, and they include Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF and other products from Subversive and Fidelity. 

The product strategist for thematic and sector ETF at BlackRock, Omar Moufti, revealed the company has blockchain technologies and digital assets that will be relevant to its clients in terms of scale, scope, and complexity. The company rapidly ramped up its engagements with digital assets with its launch of its Blockchain and Tech ETF in the US earlier this year and then partnered with Coinbase to provide its customers with access to cryptocurrencies through the Aladdin trading platform. In August, it started a spot bitcoin private trust available to its institutional clients in the US. 

Other FInancial Entities Involved

BlackRock is not the only financial service entity since banks like Nomura and JPMorgan and asset managers like Abrdn and Fidelity have released digital assets, and analysts have stated that more conventional financial institutions and corporations will follow. 

The company’s European Blockchain ETF, which contains an expense ratio of 0.5%, possesses 35 holdings and is listed on Euronext. Most of the allocations have been directed to crypto exchange Coinbase, trading giant Galaxy Digital, and Bitcoin miner Marathon Digital. It also includes IBM, PayPal, and Nvidia. 

Moufti revealed, “The continued proliferation of blockchain technology underscores its potential across many industries.

The exposure offered by the iShares Blockchain Technology UCITS ETF will allow our clients the opportunity to engage with global companies leading the development of the emerging blockchain ecosystem.”