Best World cup betting odds in 2022

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 Despite the fact that the decision to host this event was a contentious one, Qatar was awarded the rights to organise the tournament and will stage matches in eight stadiums across five cities as part of the FIFA World Cup 2019. As a thank you for hosting the World Cup, Qatar receives an automatic bid and is assigned to Group A for the Group Stage matches, which begins on June 14.

Currently, bet365 has Qatar as the 150/1 favourite to win the World Cup in its own country this summer. Brazil is the favourite to win. France, the defending champion, is in second place in the standings, just one point behind Brazil. According to bookmakers, the French are 6/1 favourites to win the competition, which could be influenced by their performance at the 2020 UEFA European Championship.

Best World cup betting odds in 2022, Best World cup betting odds in 2022
World cup betting odds – Credit Hystory Of Soccer

In the Group Stage, France drew a 0-0 draw with Hungary, and the team struggled throughout the competition. Despite losing to Argentina in the Copa America Final, the defending World Cup champions were eliminated at the Knockout Stage of the tournament. The two favourites to host the 2022 World Cup, however, were beaten in their respective regional competitions, finishing second and third respectively.

While England was defeated by Italy (10/1) in the 2020 UEFA Euro Final, they are still given 8/1 odds to win the tournament in France in 2018. The favourites are dominated by European clubs, with only Brazil (12/1) and Argentina (12/1) being the only non-European clubs to have odds to win in the Top 11 betting markets. The odds to win in the Top 11 betting markets are dominated by European teams. Colombia is ranked 12th in the world and has odds of 66/1 to win the World Cup.

Best World cup betting odds in 2022, Best World cup betting odds in 2022
World cup betting odds


Brazil has won five World Cups, which is more than any other country, and is the most successful country in the world of sport overall. Germany, on the other hand, has advanced to eight finals, which is the most of any other country in history and is a world record. When it comes to nations who have appeared in more than one World Cup Final, Uruguay has the best record, having gone 2-0 while appearing in the championship game in 1998. Clubs from the European Union or the Confederation of South American Football (CONMEBOL) have been the only ones to reach a World Cup Final, with the CAF, AFC, OFC, and CONCACAF still waiting for their first participation.

Best World cup betting odds in 2022, Best World cup betting odds in 2022
World cup betting odds

2018 – France 4 over Croatia 2 (Host: Russia)

2014 – Germany 1 over Argentina 0 (Host: Brazil)

2010 – Spain 1 over Netherlands 0 (Host: South Africa)

2006 – Italy 1 (5) over France 1 (3)(Host: Germany)

2002 – Brazil 2 over Germany 0 (Host: Japan)

FIFA World Cup Betting Trends

  • World Cup victories have been claimed by European nations in the last four tournaments, as well as in five of the last six – Brazil is the only non-European country to have taken home a trophy.
  • Consequently, France has won two out of the last seven World Cups, making them the only country to do it in that time span.
  • France was the last country to win the World Cup while acting as the host nation in 1998, and they did so in their home country.
  • The host nation has won six World Cups out of the last twenty tournaments.
  • European or South American countries have won every single World Cup in the last 11 years.

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