Advantages of betting with Bitcoin

betting with Bitcoin, Advantages of betting with Bitcoin

It is now a well known fact in the casino or betting world that Bitcoin gambling is here to stay, many gamblers still refuse to give it a chance. If that is your case, get ready to learn about all the advantages of betting in Bitcoin Casinos. Let’s give you some hints; less fees, fast payout and it’s worldwide.

Reduced commissions

The fees for depositing or withdrawing money in online casinos have always been a much debated topic. If they are too high, they can have a big impact on the player’s pocket and therefore risking to lose a player.

This problem, so common in portals that use fiat money, does not apply to Bitcoin gambling. As we all know, Bitcoin works with the blockchain and a mining system. The miners in charge of generating bitcoins receive a commission for their work.

However; the amount they are given is far from being like that of regular casinos. If we add to that the fact that there is not really a middleman, then the commission becomes practically negligible.

Worldwide availability

One of the problems of betting with common currencies is their geographical limitation. Currencies such as the dollar and the euro are almost universal, but in some betting sites they are restricted due to regulations.

Needless to say; with Bitcoin gambling this is no longer a problem. Every cryptocurrency is international and know no boundaries. The operations are done on the internet. On the other hand, there is no entity that generates or controls them.

Bitcoin can be used anywhere with a connection to the blockchain network. This allows online casino owners to work with bitcoins without worrying about their management. It is available regardless of the time and the amount handled.

Guaranteed anonymity

We have already pointed out that miners are the ones in charge of producing bitcoins. This is certainly so, but that does not mean that they have control over them. Because, as we said above, bitcoin has no regulatory body.

Therefore; transactions and operations done through the blockchain remain transparent. No one can know your identity. This anonymity guarantees your privacy and your protection from third parties who may want to track you.

By making it impossible to trace you, anonymity also prevents them from falsifying your data. Therefore, by betting in Bitcoin casinos you will be preventing them from using your identity to scam other people.

Unmatched speed

Moving bitcoins is incomparably faster than moving fiat money. This is because transactions with cryptocurrencies are not carried out through regular channels. That is, from one bank to another. Rather, they are carried out through the blockchain.

Basically, bitcoins are sent from one account to another without any deviation in the course. This considerably reduces the transfer time. The longest a transfer could take is fifteen minutes, which is impossible for an ordinary bank transfer. More money in your pockets, worldwide viability, anonymity and extremely fast deposit or payout are why betting with Monero, Ethereum, Litecoin etc.. or just with bitcoin will become the main reason for you to switch to a bitcoin casino.

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