3 players that NY Mets could trade.

3 players that NY Mets could trade to reinforce their roster., 3 players that NY Mets could trade.

Before the MLB-declared lockout in early December, the New York Mets delivered the strongest authority blow in the winter market so far after signing veteran starting pitcher Max Scherzer to $ 130 million and three years of service: 3 players that NY Mets could trade to reinforce their roster.

However, it looks like they want to go for even more. 

The New York board intends to add more big-name players to its roster, the 3rd baseman Krys Bryant seems to have sparked a lot of interest in the offices of Citi Field. However, it is also possible to exchange several of its current elements as a bargaining chip to strengthen the squad for the 2022 season. 

The big Trade for the NY Mets

Among the players that can be traded could be:

Jeff McNeil (IF / OF)

McNeil is coming off a bad year that followed three very successful seasons to start his career in the team. There were problems with Francisco Lindor during the season, reportedly due in part to a problem with defensive assignments. Since Lindor is expected to be the face of the team for quite a while, the most logical thing is to let McNeil go. 

JD Davis (OF / 3B)

After a season where a hand problem limited him to 73 games and drained his power (and led to offseason surgery), he has suffered during these past two seasons, after having an excellent 2019.

Dominic Smith (OF / 1B)

Dominic Smith’s 2021 season was so disappointing compared to his 2019 and 2020 seasons. He hit just .244 / .304 / .363 in 145 games in what was his first year playing more than 89 games in a major league season. So, it would be a good idea for the Mets to take advantage of the credit he might still have. 

3 players that NY Mets could trade to reinforce their roster.

The 2022 Mets look powerful.

The Mets are looking good for the next MLB season. They need to commit to being a competitive thing after too many disappointments have been suffered at Citi Field over the past years. 

After that failed World Series run where they lost against the Kansas City Royals, they have been facing issues year after year. And with a World Series drought of more than 30 years, is it a need for the Mets to start being competitive. With a rotation that includes Scherzer and DeGrom, anything that’s not a run for the World Series could be considered a failure. 

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3 players that NY Mets could trade to reinforce their roster.