10 Key Moments From Week 13 of the NBA

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The NBA had a busy week last week, and another busy week is ahead as January progresses. Following are 10 Key Moments From Week 13 of the NBA:

10 Key Moments From Week 13 of the NBA

1. Half-play, half-prayer is what desperate teams need. And, any gods you know of have abandoned the Lions long ago. They were 0-10-1 going into Sunday, losing games in a progressively alarming fashion. (They also tied one, which was upsetting.) After 11 losses in a row, Dan Campbell became increasingly unhappy and disheartened.

2. Kyle Kuzma’s hot streak continued Sunday. The Wizards forward had 22 points and 22 rebounds against the Magic. He’s now scored 20 points in seven of his previous ten games and has a double-double in seven of them. Even if Rui Hachimura and Thomas Bryant are back, Kuzma’s consistency has been amazing.

3. Memphis’ 11-game winning streak ended Friday against Dallas, but it was full of unforgettable moments. Ja Morant iced the game late in the fourth quarter, icing some FedEx Forum Warriors fans in the process. Morant turned and moved back toward the court to shoot his free shot as the Memphis crowd exploded.

4. A touchdown from the two instead of a field goal isn’t an analytics decision in a three-point game either. And the Ravens had the right offense and played the call to make it happen. In this case, T.J. Watt came in the way of Lamar Jackson’s throw, leading it to be three inches off target. It was either that or an exhausted defense for Baltimore.

5. There were several strong, productive runs from Antonio Gibson, but none better than this one-yarder on the first touchdown drive. Gibson threw left on 3rd and 1. Defensive end Yannick Ngakoue was closing in on Gibson seven yards back. Gibson slid inside Ngakoue, then dropped his shoulder and sprinted past two more Raiders to the seven-yard line for a pivotal first down.

6. In his debut game with Washington, Brian Johnson sneaked the game-winning goal inside the right upright from 48 yards out to win it in Vegas.

7. Derek Carr hit Peyton Barber on the right hash. Between Barber and the end zone were more Raider blocks than Washington defenders. He easily could’ve scored. Then Davis emerges from the left. He found Barber and tackled him in a few paces. After Fuller defended Zay Jones in the end zone, Las Vegas settled for a field goal.

8. On Friday, the Jazz beat a weakened Rockets squad by five points midway through the fourth quarter, giving up a 23-point lead. And the Jazz has lost three of their last ten games (115+ points per 100 possessions) on the road (where they are 12-8).

9. Tatum’s game was one of the most efficient of the season, with 22 shots and 16 makes, including 6-of-9 from three-point range. The Celtics will have a solid test Thursday when they travel to Milwaukee to play the Eastern Conference’s top team, just three weeks before the trade deadline.

10. Of course, Johnson’s field goal is a hot topic. He pushed it just so, but it held its line and took the lead late. Not to worry, Johnson’s next kickoff was a beauty. He kicked it high, and it landed near the two-yard line. I’m not sure if he was told to do this, but it worked well.

Peyton Barber couldn’t let the kick fall and hoped for a wild bounce. He had to return it. He got it to 25. The Raiders lost six seconds. A touchback would have put the ball on the 25 and given Las Vegas more time.

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